Biopsy with the latest generation ultrasound machine BK SPECTO

17 August

Biopsy is taking a tissue material from a living organism, which serves both morphological and cytological examination. During the procedure, material is taken from the diseased tissue and further histomorphological examination is performed.

Biopsy is one of the most reliable methods of research because it allows us to microscopically observe the cells, make a correct diagnosis, which determines the effectiveness of treatment.

In addition to making a clinical diagnosis with a biopsy, the nature of the pathological process and the extent of its spread are specified. In the Pineo Medical Ecosystem, the biopsy procedure is performed on target, with the latest generation ultrasound machine – BK Specto. The device allows high-precision sampling of biological material from various organs (prostate, kidney, breast, liver, thyroid, soft tissues, etc.). High-quality imaging allows the specialist to get an accurate picture of various pathologies, which determines the reliability of the procedure