The obstetrics department of Pineo Medical Ecosystem has traditional experience in obstetrics. There has always been a center here for rhesus-negative patients, and women that face difficulties while pregnancy.

Nowadays, the Pineo Medical Ecosystem is a modernized, third-level perinatal center, where pregnancy and childbirth of all complexities can be managed.
The department is staffed with experienced doctors and professional medical staff. The maternity ward is individual and designed for a single mother, which is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment that allows us to properly manage the delivery process and avoid all possible complications.
The facility is fully focused on the benefits of physiological childbirth, with experienced staff that concentrates on properly managing the patient’s psycho-emotional condition. During labor we prefer the free posture of childbirth, childbirth in the water, Jacuzzi baths, and balls. Our goal is for a woman to go through a process called physiological childbirth as comfortably as possible, with less pain.

If necessary, we offer the patient epidural analgesia. It is important to mention that we carry out the method of “heat chain”, which involves temperature control by placing it on the heart of the newborn mother at birth. The first two hours after birth, the newborn and the parent come into contact with the skin, which transmits bacteria from the mother.

Such manipulations as intercourse are not used in the department unless there is a vital necessity for the fetus. It is also important that the umbilical cord is removed after the pulsation is complete. All stages of optimal breastfeeding are observed in the maternity ward.