Dispensary gynecology:

• Gynecological endocrinology
• Treatment of menstrual disorders
• Treatment of premenstrual syndrome
• Climacteric syndrome and hormone replacement therapy
• Contraceptive counseling (hormonal, implant, intrauterine contraception)
• Treatment of miscarriages
• Conservative management of ectopic pregnancy
• Conservative treatment of uterine fibroids
• Treatment of endometriosis
• Prophylactic visits periodically (according to age groups)
• Family planning
• Infertility diagnosis (hysterosalpingography / sonosalpingography) and treatment
• Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs (colpitis, adnexitis, endo-myometritis)
• Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, etc.)
• Urinary incontinence stress in women
• Treatment of female genital polyps
• Non-inflammatory diseases of the cervix – diagnosis, outpatient and / or surgical treatment
• Non-inflammatory diseases of the vulva – diagnosis, outpatient treatment
• Colposcopy
• Cryodestruction
• Abdominal puncture from the posterior arch of the vagina
• Breast – diagnosis, treatment
• Uterine prolapse – diagnosis and treatment