The urological department of Pineo Medical Ecosystem is arranged with modern, high-tech equipment and experienced specialists. The department works with patients of all complexities. The department offers patients both outpatient and inpatient services in the field of urology and includes: a full range of diagnosis and treatment of urological, oncological and andrological pathologies. Our clinic introduces both open and laparoscopic methods of surgical treatment, as well as laser technologies.

Treatment of urolithiasis is performed with both remote (ESWL) and contact laser (Holmium Laser) lithotripsy. The stones are broken down in the kidneys as well as in the urethra and bladder. The clinic treats various nosologies with open and laparoscopic surgery. Surgery for prostate and hyperplasia (adenoma) and bladder tumors is performed by a transurethral approach. Various onco-urological surgeries, surgical treatment of complicated inflammatory processes, upper-lower urinary tract plastic-reconstructive surgeries, uro-gynecological plastic surgeries, as well as andrological surgeries are performed. In urological pathologies, targeted biopsy is performed with the help of the latest generation ultrasound machine (BK specto), which allows us to take biological material from damaged tissue with high accuracy. The procedure is quicker and less invasive.

The laboratory department of our clinic and the genetic laboratory allow us to conduct all the necessary research in the field of urology with high accuracy. In addition to widely used assays such as oncomarkers (PSA, FPSA), advanced urinalysis, urinary bacteriology, renal function, sex hormones, etc., complete computed semen analysis of sperm, including DNA fragmentation (WHO-recommended methodology) are performed. Automatic cytological examination of the urine is also performed for the diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer by the PCR method (Rapid PCR Methodology by GeneXpert, Cepheid).