Irma Khvichia, an obstetrician-gynecologist, answers frequently asked questions and provides information:

17 August

When should a pregnant woman first visit a gynecologist?

Caring for a healthy newborn should be started by the expectant mother before pregnancy. In order to avoid various problems during pregnancy it is necessary to plan a pregnancy. Therefore the first visit a woman is best made to plan a pregnancy.

What to do when pregnancy is confirmed?

At 7-8 weeks of pregnancy it is necessary to visit a doctor to confirm pregnancy. During this visit, an ultrasound examination is performed to confirm pregnancy in the uterine cavity and the doctor to rule out various complications, for example: external pregnancy.

At this time it is already possible to hear the fetal heartbeat.

When is a pregnant woman involved in antenatal care program?

Pregnant women should be involved in the antenatal care program no later than 12 weeks of pregnancy. The first visit will include examinations:

General blood test, blood group and Rhesus test, test for AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, vaginal smear for flora, general urine test.

The second visit envisages antenatal care program at 18-20 weeks, however at 12 weeks we definitely do an ultrasound examination when the so-called Measurement of “neck wrinkles” to rule out Down syndrome. A bacteriological examination of the urine must be done to rule out asymptomatic bacteria.

Here we offer patients prenatal screening, a double genetic test done at 11-13 weeks, this is the determination of chorionic gonadotropin and plasma protein associated with pregnancy, which helps us to rule out genetic pathologies.

As for the third visit of pregnancy, carried out at 26 weeks, it is important to visit at this time, because it is at this time that screening for gestational diabetes takes place. During the post-pregnancy visits, the health status of the pregnant woman is assessed and various types of necessary examinations are performed, which ensures the correct course of the pregnancy. A visit at 36-38 weeks of gestation is noteworthy, at which time the condition of the fetus is determined and delivery is planned.